Women’s Groups

We are eager for women of all ages to connect and build relationships.


The expectations facing women today are overwhelming. For the wife and mother, she is expected to be an expert housekeeper, organizer, taxi driver, cook, child psychologist & parent, and a lover to boot. Working women have it even harder. And yet, women are more isolated and in need of encouragement in their roles than ever before.

At the Gathering, we understand this need, and are eager for women of all ages to connect and build relationships.  And so, our Women’s Ministry opportunities are many and varied:


Women’s Bible Studies – A place to grow your faith and knowledge of God’s Word while finding encouragement, prayer, and relationships with other women.  Childcare available. Contact Amy Jarboe at amyjarboe@me.com.

  • A Modern Girlfriend’s Guide to Bible Study – Sundays 2-4 PM

This study is on Jen Hatmaker’s book A Modern Girlfriend’s Guide to Bible Study and covers how to let the Spirit speak to us directly through the Word of God – unfiltered and unrestricted. Please contact Jennifer Todd with any questions at ntgr8@yahoo.com.

  • Wising Up, Wherever Life Happens  Wednesdays 9:30-11:30 AM  

Our women are studying Wising Up, Wherever Life Happens: A Journey Through Proverbs by Beth Moore on Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:30 AM at Ken Caryl Church. Contact Brenda Dalton at dave_dalton@q.com or Nancy Blanks at nancysblanks@gmail.com for more info.
Gathering Moms of Tots – A group of young moms in Roxborough that meets every other Wedsneday/Thursday morning so that our kids (ages 0-5) can play and so that we can connect with other moms. For dates and locations, email Kendra at kendra.fraze@gmail.com.
Women’s Coffee House – Ladies, please come join us for coffee, fun, a chance to laugh, relax and meet new friends. Please bring your friends!
Fun events – Craft nights, play dates, women’s dinner or dessert nights out, and more…
Outreach/Care – Connecting with women around us and serving their needs together.